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Kode 57, 2016. Styled by Ferrari Enzo designer Ken Okuyama with a front/mid V12 engine. Presented as a prototype at Monterey Car Week, it could be produced in limited numbers if there is demand from buyers

A reminder of  Ken Okuyama’s most recent work

carsthatnevermadeit: Transit Explore Bus Concept, 2016….


Transit Explore Bus Concept, 2016. A Beijing-based company has revealed a scale model of a road-straddling ‘Land Airbus’ that allows traffic to pass underneath it, ahead of a full-scale trial commencing later this year. The futuristic train-like ‘bus’ sits above two lanes of traffic, allowing other vehicles to pass underneath it. Riding on rails fitted on each side of the road, the Land Airbus concept can carry around 1400 people – around the same as 40 conventional buses