Seat Ronda, 1982-86. The Seat Ronda was a Seat Ritmo (the Spanish firm’s Fiat Ritmo) restyled by by Rayton Fissore. The Ronda was Seat’s first new car after the acrimonious end of their relationship with Fiat. The launch of the Ronda in 1982 sparked a lawsuit from Fiat against Seat, claiming the car was too similar to Fiat’s Ritmo. SEAT showed a Ronda with all the parts different from the Fiat Ritmo painted yellow (pictured), to highlight the differences. The case was taken to the Arbitration Chamber of Paris which, in 1983, decided that differences between the cars were significant enough so as not to consider the Ronda a rebadged Ritmo. Rumour suggested that Fiat was upset because the Ronda restyling was very similar to their own planned redesign for the Fiat Ritmo, which they were forced to scrap

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